Dragon Hockey Registration – Lowest Prices in Mississauga!  Ages 4 – 20

Office Hours are Monday thru Saturday, 10am – 6pm. All inquiries received after business hours will be addressed the next business day. Call (905) 291-1940 or email us at info@heartlanddragons.com.

A” U10 to U18 REGISTRATION:   Open May 4th, 2024

Enhanced RED U11 to U18 REGISTRATION:   Open May 11th, 2024

 GOLD REGISTRATION:   September 2024 


Thank you for choosing to be a Dragon! Player registration for our “A” U10 to U18 divisions is OPEN May 4th, and Enhanced RED U11 to U18 registration is Open May 11th, 2024.  Player registration for our GOLD divisions will be in September 2024.  Player registration for our “House League” and “Jr. Dragons U7 (born 2020, 2019, 2018)” divisions is NOW OPEN!  Space in many of our programs is limited and is expected to fill up quickly. Register right away to guarantee your spot.  Don’t miss out — register today!

NOTE: Hockey Canada Registration can only be completed using a laptop or desktop computer, you cannot register on the new Hockey Canada Registration (HCR) system via your Smartphone or Android phone.

NOTE:  If you have never registered on the Hockey Canada Registration (HCR) system you will be required to create a new Hockey Canada Profile. Click here to download the Hockey Canada How to Create a Hockey Canada Registry Account if you require further assistance.

NOTE:  We will post the House League evaluation schedule in late August, early September.

2024-2025 REFER A FRIEND: 

We are excited to announce our referral program for the Dragon Nation!  Refer a friend to join the Heartland Dragons and you will be rewarded with $25 Dragon Dollars.  These Dragon Dollars can be applied towards Power Skating, Shooting, or Goalie clinic fees or towards next year’s registration with the Heartland Dragons.  To participate, simply encourage your friend (who was not with Heartland last year) to complete their registration with the Heartland Dragons for the 2024-2025 season.  Once they have successfully registered, inform us so that we can credit your account with the Dragons Dollars rebate.

HOKEH Membership:

Our Association also runs a HOKEH (Help Our Kids Enjoy Hockey) equipment program.  This program provides access to new/gently used equipment depending on the needs of your player for a $25 membership fee.  Please contact us to register at info@heartlanddragons.com


We are pleased to provide ANY First and Second Shift Gradates from the Class of 2023-2024 a discount of $100.  (Discount will be applied after registration with proof of First or Second Shift completion).


NEW: U9-U13 purchase a brand new Bauer or Easton Hockey Stick valued at $200+ for only $50, just by registering with Heartland Dragons!  (while supplies last)

NEW Loyalty Discount: Dragons returning for the 2024-2025 season will receive a $15 discount (to be applied after registration).

NEW Environmental/Sustainable initiative:  Give your jersey a second life by reusing last year’s (if it still fits).  Not only do you help minimize waste and clutter, but you also enjoy a $30 discount (to be applied post-registration).  Reach out to us for availability and further details.

NEW PICK YOUR OWN EXCUSIVE JERSEY NUMBER:  Pick your Jersey number between 00-99 and you will be the only player in your age group with that exclusive jersey number!  (Please contact us at info@heartanddragons.com after completing your registration for number availability)

Thank you for being a valued member of the Dragon Nation, and we appreciate your efforts in spreading the word about our amazing Dragon Hockey community. Start referring today and start earning Dragon Dollars!


A and Gold:  A and Gold team fees are structured at the team level and you will be advised by your coach of the fee required for the 2024-25 hockey season.

Jr. Dragons Initiation Program (U7): 2018 to 2020 (4-6 year olds) : $470*  THAT’S THAN $10 PER SESSION!

NEW TO HOCKEY?  No problem.  As an introductory offer, “new” first year players aged 4-6 years old that register with the Heartland Dragons will receive a starter hockey equipment kit as a bonus for becoming a Jr. Dragon (while supplies last)!!  (click here for more information regarding the Jr. Dragons Initiation Program)


U8:   2017 (7 year olds): $625*

         U9:   2016 (8 year olds): $640*

Note: U8 and U9 Fees are not applicable to “Gold” level registrations

U10 & U11:  20114-2015 (9-10 year olds): $730*

U12, U13, U14, U15, U16:   2009 – 2013 (11-15 year olds) : $830*

**U17 & U18:  2007 – 2008 (16-17 year olds) : $560*  **(No practice ice is provided for this house league U17 & U18 group.  Additional team fees will apply if practice ice is requested by the team.)

          SELECT (Enhanced RED): U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17/18:  2007 – 2015 (10-17 year olds) : $1,110*

*  The MHL has increased their 2024-25 fees for game ice and officials, which are passed on for collection to each MHL Hockey Association.

The new MHL fees have been incorporated within the Registration Fees listed above as follows:

  • Jr. Dragons $15
  • U8 $255
  • U9:  $270
  • U10 to U18 $285
  • SELECT Enhanced Red U11 to U14 $435
  • SELECT Enhanced Red U15 to U18 $485

Note:  Non-Mississauga residents are subject to an additional $65 import fee.


Due dates for registration fee payments will be as follows:

  1. Payment in Full upon registration
  2. Instalment Plan of three payments: (House League only)

1st Initial payment of 20% of the fee upon registration

Balance to be paid by November 2024 in equal monthly installments

All outstanding balances to be paid by November 2024

Registration questions and/or inquiries can be directed to info@heartlanddragons.com.

Click HERE to Register!

2023-2024 Season

Respect in Sport (RIS)

Respect in Sport is an accessible, online resource in the prevention of bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination (BAHD). The program’s mission is to empower participants to recognize signs of BAHD and eliminate it from the game, through a global culture of respect.

At least one parent or guardian of each player registered in minor hockey will need to complete the online RIS Parent Program as a condition of participation.   If you have previously completed the RIS Parent Program,  you don’t have to take it again at this time, however you may have to ’register’ your certificate number in the Hockey Canada Registration system.

There is a $12 fee payable to Respect In Sport and the Program should take about 60 minutes to

We would like to thank you for your continued membership in our club and welcome you back to another great hockey season!

Click HERE to Register!

We want everyone to have an opportunity to play Hockey. That said, there are a number of financial support programs available where needed. Our Association also offers multiple sibling discounts.

We also provide “new” first-year players that register to play with the Heartland Dragons a starter hockey equipment kit as a bonus for joining our Jr. Dragons Initiation Program (while supplies last).

Our Association also runs a HOKEH (Help Our Kids Enjoy Hockey) equipment program.  This program provides access to new/gently used equipment depending on the needs of your player for a $25 membership fee.  Please contact us to register at info@heartlanddragons.com

Here are several other Financial Assistance Programs available – please check our Financial Assistance Programs page.

We do offer multiple sibling discounts; however, they do not include Jr. Dragons U7 and U18 age groups.

  • 1st player is full price
  • 2nd player discount $25
  • 3rd player discount $50
Please e-transfer your registration fees to info@heartlanddragons.com

Refund Policy

Updated and adopted May 10, 2022

A House League Refund Request must be emailed to our Registrar (info@heartlanddragons.com) with details listing the reason(s) for the withdrawal from the program.

The balance of Registration Fees will be refunded as follows:

  • Request received up to August 14th:        80% of Registration Fee Refunded.
  • Request received August 15th to 31st:      65% of Registration Fee Refunded.
  • Request received September 1 to 15th:     50% of Registration Fee Refunded.
  • Request received after September 15th:   No Refund.

The refund applies to the HDHA portion of the Registration Fee.  The MHL Fee is non-refundable.

NOTE: Should the hockey season be terminated due to a COVID/Health Board decision, refunds will be calculated/prorated as follows; HDHA Registration Fee paid less costs incurred by HD to the date of termination.

Please allow up to two (2) weeks for processing from time of acknowledgement that your request has been received by the Registrar. A refund request received after September 15th will be processed after the end of the MHL convening period in November.

No refund will be issued where a false statement is made during the registration process or through abuse of the registration system.

A Refund request for “A”, Gold, or Red player will be calculated as follows: You will remain responsible for your share of costs incurred as per the team’s approved budget until such time a replacement player is “rostered” to the team. At that time, you will receive a refund equivalent to your prorated share of the remaining unspent budget from that date to the end of the season. A minimum administration fee of $100 will be charged.

 Release Policy

A Release Request must be emailed to our Registrar (info@heartlanddragons.com) with details listing the reason(s) for the release.  It is reviewed by the Heartland Dragons Hockey Association Registration Committee.   The Heartland Dragons Hockey Association may withhold its consent in its sole and absolute discretion. A Player release is not guaranteed. Granting of a release is uncommon.

A House League player release will not be reviewed until after the completion of MHL convening period in November. A release will not be granted in a case where a request for a release may cause a reduction in player numbers that may adversely impact a team’s ability to be registered at the desired skill category.

If a release is granted, any refund will be calculated based on the date of the release request, as per the Refund Policy set out above.