Our house league program is focused on Fitness, Fun, Friendship and skills development.

  • There is typically one game and one practice per week.
  • All games are played within the City of Mississauga!
  • The Mississauga Hockey League sets the game schedule (typically weekends).
  • The Heartland Dragons Hockey Association will set the team practice schedules.
  • Body checking is prohibited regardless of age.

Kids are grouped together by age and then by skill level.  This approach helps ensure competitive and balanced teams to play against similarly structured teams from the other MHL associations.   We can accommodate returning experienced players to brand new players who have never skated.

  • Following an evaluation period (generally the first few weekends in September), teams are formed with the following 4 levels (in descending order):  Red, White, Blue and Green.
  • After evaluations, there is a seven week convening period where members from all MHL associations ensure the evaluation process has placed players at the correct skill level. During this period there may be entire team or individual player movement between levels to ensure the season is fun and competitive.