Exciting News for the Heartland Dragons Hockey Association!

We’re thrilled to unveil the coaching lineup for the RED level teams in the upcoming 2024-2025 season!  Get ready to ignite the ice with passion, skill, and an unbridled enthusiasm for the game.  Our coaches are not just mentors; they are dedicated leaders committed to fostering a love for hockey and shaping future champions.


Introducing Your RED Level Coaches:

U11     RED     Steve Richard,  SteveRDragons@hotmail.com  416-806-9002:

      • Steve brings a wealth of knowledge having played Junior A and B before joining the University of Waterloo Warriors for 4 years.  He continued to be involved in minor hockey coaching at Ryerson University as well as the AA and AAA levels for over 15 years.  He believes the game provides kids the opportunity to learn and grow into successful adults and is excited to create the best program possible!

U12     RED     Jacob Gulbinski,  jacobgulbinski95@gmail.com  647-985-5994:

      • Jacob know for his fiery spirit and unmatched determination, Coach Jacob brings a wealth of experience to the ice.  His dynamic coaching style emphasizes skill development, teamwork, and a never-give-up attitude. Get ready to blaze a trail of success under Coach Jacob’s guidance!

U13     RED    Dave Martin, tripperdave@sympatico.ca   416-476-3973:

      • Lightning-fast strategies and a thunderous presence on the rink, Coach Dave is set to electrify the RED level U13 team.  With a focus on speed, agility, and strategic play, Coach Dave is ready to lead our players to new heights.  Brace yourselves for an exhilarating season ahead!

U14     RED     Mike Mitchell mmitchell@crescentbrands.com   905-815-3472:

      • Cool, calm, and collected, Coach Mike is set to bring a chill to the competition.  Known for his ice-cold precision and strategic brilliance, Mike will guide our players through the nuances of the game.  Expect a season filled with progressive plays and unmatched finesse.

U16     RED    Tony Moniz  tonymoniz91@hotmail.com  416-937-9412:

      •  The Heartland Dragons Hockey Association is buzzing with anticipation as we gear up for the U16 RED level hockey season.  We’re on the lookout for the perfect coaching staff to help Tony lead this dynamic squad to victory, ensuring a season filled with growth, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments on the ice.  Open invitation to all U15/U16 players eager to be part of something special.  If you’re ready to embrace the challenge, and contribute to the formation of an exceptional team, we want you!

U17/18     RED     Joe Indovina,  hlcoach@heartlanddragons.com   647-244-2685:

      • Expect the unexpected under Coach Joe’s guidance.  With a commitment to progressive plays, he encourages our players to push their limits, explore new techniques, and elevate their game to new heights.  The season ahead promises a spectacle of unmatched intensity and strategy.  Open invitation to all U17/18 players eager to be part of something special.  If you’re ready to embrace the challenge, and contribute to the formation of an exceptional team, we want you!


Why Join the Heartland Dragons Hockey Association?

  • State-of-the-art facilities.
  • Holistic player development and skills training programs for both players and goaltenders.
  • A supportive and inclusive hockey community.
  • Opportunities for goalie skill enhancement and goaltender growth.
  • Fun-filled team events and bonding activities.


Calling All Future Hockey Stars!

Now is the time to join the Heartland Dragons family and be part of something extraordinary.  Whether you’re a seasoned player or just lacing up your skates for the first time, we welcome all levels of skill and experience from House League up to “A” level rep hockey.

Contact us now at www.HeartlandDragons.com and secure your spot on a RED level team!  Don’t miss the chance to train with the best, play with passion, and become a Heartland Dragon!

Get ready for a season of victories, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments on the ice.  Let’s roar together, Heartland Dragons! #DragonHockey #DragonNation #JoinTheRoar