Heartland Dragons Hall of Fame

Civic Award of Recognition for Exemplary Volunteer Service

with our deepest felt appreciation to all of our Volunteers!


Harrison Balick

Two things which must be relayed about Harrison are his ability to mentor younger volunteers and his dedication to our special needs players. His easy manner, competitive spirit and good humour make him a favourite among the students who work together. He exemplifies a tremendous work ethic and personifies the value in volunteering. When Harrison was injured, it was almost like our program was rudderless. In his own quiet way, Harrison supports the other participants and teaches them through his example. Harrison is an inspiration to his peers, though I think he may not see that as he is a very humble young man. We are indebted to Harrison for his incredible dedication to assisting our young players.

– Tina Rizzuto Volunteer Coordinator

Odin Cameron

To put Odin’s commitment into perspective, all of his coaching roles required Odin to be present for a practice and a game each week. Thus, some weeks Odin would be volunteering 5 to 6 hours of his own free time to assist these 4 teams. Notably, his dedication to improving our programs is seen in his decision to continue to assist Coach Alacantra and his team this year even after his younger brother was convened to a  different team. Odin saw his commitment to his players, his team, as paramount.

Tyler Isaacs

Tyler was open to helping with many projects in our first year of the volunteer program and made quite an impact. When the new season started in August because of a greater workload at school, Tyler asked if he could commit solely to our Goalie School/Shooting Program only. He has never missed a class! Our most consistent volunteer, Coaches Joe and Mark have come to truly rely on Tyler being there and instinctively knowing the drills and pace of the class. We are incredibly grateful to Tyler for his dedication.


Robert Mounsey

“Robert’s dedication to our program has been a tremendous  gift. His ability to be here for every game has provided both the coaches and the children with much needed consistency in a program like this. It is truly amazing to be able to count on a young man for always being there when you need him.”

– Supervisor of the Jr. Dragons’ Program

Carter Willan

“Becoming a good hockey player takes motivation, dedication and a solid work ethic… Becoming a great volunteer takes heart, a deep passion for the sport, and a burning desire to give back all those wonderful moments you experienced as a player… My friend “Hollywood”  brings all those passions and a nice suit when he’s standing tall on the bench”

– Michael McNutt Vice- President Hockey Operations