Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you find the answer to your questions here.  If you don’t, please feel to contact us!

House League Convening is the process of ensuring both your child and the entire team are playing at the correct league level (red/white/blue/green) to be competitive. This takes place after evaluations, and is generally a seven week period where members from all MHL associations ensure the evaluation process has placed players and teams at the correct skill level. During this period there may be entire team or individual player movement between levels to ensure the season is fun and competitive.

What are my options if I am unhappy with the impending results of convening?

  • Please remember, hockey is a team sport!
  • Please speak with your coach prior to the end of convening regarding your concerns.
  • Prior to the end of convening, you may ask for a release in order to move your child to another association; however, please read the following considerations:
    • All MHL associations, including the Heartland Dragons, will attempt to place your child at the correct level and balance the teams to the best of their abilities.
    • Our association is under no obligation to “release” your child to play with another association.
      • Each decision will be made on a case by case basis taking into consideration the best interests of the team and the child.
    • During house league registration, once a level is full it is closed, so children who wanted to play for your current team may have been turned away.
    • When you move to another association it:
      • Will leave your team short of players.
      • May cause a child who is happy on their team at the other association to be moved down to make room for your child.
    • Your registration refund will be pro-rated per our stated policy.

All registration for MHL associations is done through the Hockey Canada Registration web site.

To register, or to retrieve or change your password (in the Hockey Canada Registration system), click here.

To find out more about our registration fees and discounts, click here.

You may pay with money order, email transfer, or credit card (NO Cash).


The Mississauga Hockey League and its six member associations, in conjunction with corporate partners, offer the MHL Play-More program, which assists players unable to participate in hockey due to severe financial constraints.  The program addresses the cost of playing hockey and enhancing player experiences and, is a CRA Registered Charity, # 82614 0592 RR0001.

Assistance from the Play-More program provides any eligible resident hockey player with the opportunity to play hockey at all competition levels.

For further details, and to apply to or donate to the MHL Play-More Program, please visit the Play-More website,

  • Ice time for regular practices and games.
  • Hockey jersey and socks.
  • Individual and team pictures.
  • End of year event.
  • All MHL and Hockey Canada administration fees.
  • All MHL gate fees (see our registration information for details).

Please note: all non-resident players registering in the MHL will be subject to a surcharge.

There is no hockey equipment included in your fee.  Please click here for a list of recommended equipment.

There is no body checking at any level of House League or “A” level hockey.

  • It is the policy of the MHL that all house league players receive equitable ice time during games. Remember, ice time will vary per game, with between 8 and 12 minutes per game considered normal (depending upon penalties and other game factors).  Prior to speaking with the coaching staff or association, please determine:
    • Is this a regular occurrence?
    • When your child appears to receive less ice time, how were they feeling that day? If the coach notices your child is tired or not feeling well, they may take this into consideration.
    • Are you upset about this or is your child upset?
  • If you are still concerned:
    • Please, remember the ’24 hour rule’ then speak with the coach or assistant coach.
    • If you are still concerned, please contact us via e-mail or call our info line.

If you are upset with anyone at our association, we ask that you wait 24 hours prior to contacting them via phone, text, or e-mail. 

This is a ‘cooling off’ period for all parties involved.  After 24 hours if you still feel a situation needs to be addressed, please contact us via e-mail or our info line.

  • Everyone who is involved with the Heartland Dragons is a volunteer.
  • There are no paid positions within any of the MHL associations. The number of hours put in by our board of directors and executives to ensure your child has the best hockey season possible is too large to count.
  • Additional volunteers are always welcome!