Parents and Coaches: At Heartland we offer an opportunity for all our players that presently practice on Shared Ice a chance at practicing on FULL ice at number of times throughout the season. We have set up a rotating schedule whereby all the teams get a chance to practice on FULL ice. This rotating schedule is being posted on our Heartland Dragons website for each segment.

We hope this helps our parents make arrangement or help plan their weekends in advance when their child’s split ice practice or full ice practice is being schedule for.

Please review the schedule and each team is listed by their HEAD Coaches name under the Date, The Rink, The Time and whether the practice is on Shared ice or Full Ice.

The present schedule we have posted below, represents all practices from Sept 22 up and until Nov 10.  Later in October we will update this schedule again to cover the portion of our schedule from Nov 17 up until Dec 22.